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Bristol County (Massachusetts)

måndag, december 4th, 2017

Das Bristol County ist ein County im Bundesstaat Massachusetts der Vereinigten Staaten. Der Verwaltungssitz (County Seat) ist Taunton.

Das County hat eine Fläche von 1790 Quadratkilometern, wovon 350 Quadratkilometer Wasserfläche sind jogging fanny pack. Es grenzt im Uhrzeigersinn an folgende Countys: Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Newport County (Rhode Island) cool glass water bottles, Bristol County (Rhode Island) und Providence County (Rhode Island).

Bristol County war 1685 eines von drei Gründungscountys von Plymouth Colony.

Zwölf Stätten im Bristol County haben aufgrund ihrer geschichtlichen Bedeutung den Status einer National Historic Landmark, darunter das frühere Expeditionsschiff Ernestina, der Zerstörer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. jaccard meat tenderiser, das U-Boot USS Lionfish, das Schlachtschiff USS Massachusetts und das frühere Walfängerzentrum New Bedford Historic District.

Laut der Volkszählung im Jahr 2000 lebten im Bristol County 534.678 Einwohner in 205.411 Haushalten und 140.706 Familien. Die Bevölkerung setzte sich aus 90,98 Prozent Weißen, 2,03 Prozent Afroamerikanern, 1,26 Prozent Asiaten und 0,24 Prozent amerikanischen Ureinwohnern zusammen. 3,60 Prozent der Bevölkerung waren spanischer oder lateinamerikanischer Abstammung. Das Prokopfeinkommen betrug 20.978 US-Dollar; 7,8 Prozent der Familien sowie 10,0 Prozent der Bevölkerung lebten unter der Armutsgrenze.

Liste der Countys in Massachusetts
Barnstable | Berkshire | Bristol | Dukes | Essex | Franklin | Hampden | Hampshire | Middlesex&nbsp glass bottles for drinking water;| Nantucket | Norfolk | Plymouth | Suffolk | Worcester


Roussette de l’île du Séram

tisdag, oktober 18th, 2016

Pteropus ocularis

Nom binominal

Pteropus ocularis
Peters, 1867

Statut de conservation UICN

( VU )Répartition géographique

Statut CITES

Sur l'annexe  II  de la CITES Annexe II , Rév. du 18/01/1990

La Roussette de l’île du Séram (Pteropus ocularis) est une espèce de chauve-souris de la famille des Pteropodidae. Elle est endémique des forêts montagneuses de deux îles indonésiennes, Buru et Seram, y compris le parc national de Manusela. Elle était également présente sur l’île voisine d’Ambon lime squeezer stainless steel, mais n’y vit probablement plus. Son habitat a une superficie de moins de 20 000 km2 et est en baisse en raison de l’exploitation forestière. Pour cette raison, et à cause de sa chasse par la population locale, cette espèce est classée comme vulnérable par l’UICN depuis 1996.

Sur les autres projets Wikimedia :

Karl Mayreder

torsdag, oktober 6th, 2016

Karl Mayreder (13 June 1856 in Mauer (today a suburb of Vienna) – 9 September 1935 in Vienna) was an Austrian architect.

Karl Mayreder was born the son of hotelier Leopold Mayreder and his wife Henriette Mayreder. Leopold Mayreder had taken over the famous hotel “Matschakerhof” at number 5 in the Spiegelgasse/number 7 in the Seilergasse in the first district of Vienna from his father and ran it successfully.

Karl Mayreder studied from 1872 to 1877 at the Vienna University of Technology, where he was a student of Heinrich von Ferstel and later an assistant to Carl König. As a student, he met Rosa Obermayer, who was interested in the sciences and in improving women’s status in society. They met during a regular discussion round in a restaurant. Such meetings presented the only opportunity available to Obermayer to develop herself in line with her ideals. They married in 1881. Karl Mayreder was employed between 1880 and 1884 in von Ferstel’s atelier.

From 24 January 1885, Mayreder was a member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus. In 1888, he also became a member of the Österreichischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein (Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects). In 1893, he and his brothers Julius and Rudolf Mayreder (the latter of whom founded the construction firm Mayreder-Kraus) won the competition to manage construction in the Stubenviertel. They also won second prize for a project to manage construction in all of Vienna. Between 1894 and 1902, Mayreder was the head of the city bureau for planning in the department for construction. He was responsible for numerous planning projects, including the creation of many new streets cutting through previous man-made or natural barriers. This position also led him to be selected as a member of the jury for city planning competitions in several European cities.

In 1898, Mayreder was made a professor extraordinarius for Propaedeutics of Architecture. In 1900, he was named a professor ordinarius for Architecture in Antiquity. He was furthermore the driving power behind the introduction of a Chair for Town Planning at the University of Technology. From 1923 waterproof case 4s, he held the position of rector at the university jaccard meat tenderiser, but in 1925 he was forced into early retirement through ill health. In 1929, he was named an honorary doctor of the Graz University of Technology.

Mayreder also worked as an architect on contract to private individuals. He built several palazzos and other buildings, although it is unsure in many cases if he initiated the work.

Karl Mayreder is buried in Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof in the Mayreder family grave. He lies beside his wife Rosa Mayreder, his parents Leopold and Henriette Mayreder soccer goalie shirt, his brother Julius Mayreder and his sisters.

From 1997, the reverse of the Austrian 500 schilling note depicted Rosa and Karl Mayreder alongside a group picture of the female participants at the Federal Convention of Austrian Women’s Associations, which took place in Vienna in 1911.

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