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BFC Fortuna 1894 Berlin

tisdag, augusti 15th, 2017

Fortuna Berlin (Berliner Fussball Club Fortuna 1894 ) was a German association football club established on 1 November 1894 in Berlin out of the memberships of the clubs Semnonia Berlin and Berliner FC Hercynia all football teams jerseys. The short-lived side is notable as one of the founding clubs of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fussball Bund or German Football Association) in Leipzig in 1900. The club colours were black and blue and the footballers played in a kit of white shirts and black shorts at their home pitch at Tempelhofer Feld cool soccer goalie gloves.

The club was a founding member of the VBB (Verband Berliner Ballspielvereine or Federation of Berlin Ballgame Teams) and also played in the VDBV (Verband Deutscher Ballspiel Vereine or Federation of German Ballgame Teams) as a first division side from 1898–1904 before slipping to lower tier competition best water bottle. BFCF also spent at least one season (1909) in second division play in the Berliner Ballspiel Bund. In 1910, the team advanced to the final of the Berliner Pokal (Berlin Cup) where they lost 1:4 to Weißensee 1900

Throughout most of its existence the club was a lower table side with their best result being a second-place finish in 1898. In 1914 pork chop tenderizer, Fortuna merged with Britannia Berlin to form present-day side Berliner SV.

NGC 6162

lördag, augusti 12th, 2017

NGC 6162 ist eine 13,6 mag helle Linsenförmige Galaxie vom Hubble-Typ „S0“ (Übergang von elliptisch zu spiralförmig) im Sternbild Herkules und etwa 164,2 Millionen Parsec von der Erde entfernt. Sie ist Bestandteil der Hickson Compact Group 82 und wurde am 30. Juni 1870 von Édouard Stephan entdeckt.


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UFC 32

fredag, augusti 11th, 2017

UFC 32: Showdown in the Meadowlands var et MMA-arrangement i regi av UFC i East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA 29. juni 2001.

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Donskoy Monastery

tisdag, februari 28th, 2017


Donskoy Monastery (Russian: Донско́й монасты́рь) is a major monastery in Moscow, founded in 1591 in commemoration of Moscow’s deliverance from the threat of an invasion by the Crimean Khan Kazy-Girey. Commanding a highway to the Crimea, the monastery was intended to defend southern approaches to the Moscow Kremlin.

The monastery was built on the spot where Boris Godunov’s mobile fortress and Sergii Radonezhsky’s field church with Theophan the Greek’s icon Our Lady of the Don had been located. Legend has it that Dmitry Donskoy had taken this icon with him to the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380. The Tatars left without a fight and were defeated during their retreat.

Initially, the cloister was rather poor and numbered only a few monks. As of 1629, the Donskoy Monastery possessed 20 wastelands and 16 peasant households (20 peasants altogether). In 1612, it was taken for one day by the Polish-Lithuanian commander Jan Karol Chodkiewicz. In 1618 thermos stainless steel water bottle, Russian Streltsy defeated the Ukrainian Cossacks of Petro Konashevych under the monastery walls.

In the mid-17th century the monastery was attached to the Andreyevsky Monastery. In 1678, however, its independence was reinstated and the cloister received rich donations, including more than 1,400 peasant households. In 1683, the Donskoy Monastery was elevated to the archmandrite level and given 20 desyatinas of the nearby pasturelands. Vidogoshchsky, Zhizdrinsky, Sharovkin, and Zheleznoborovsky monasteries were attached to the Donskoy Monastery between 1683 and 1685.

Since 1711, the Great Cathedral’s vault was used for burials of Georgian tsarevichs of the Bagrationi family and Mingrelian dukes of the Dadiani family.

In 1724, the monks and the property of the Andreyevsky Monastery were transferred to the Donskoy Monastery. By 1739, it had already possessed 880 households with 6,716 peasants, 14 windmills, and a few fisheries. In 1747, the authorities wanted to transfer the Slavic Greek Latin Academy to the Donskoy Monastery, but the cloister confined itself to paying salaries to the academic staff from its own treasury.

Archbishop Ambrosius was killed within the monastery walls during the Plague Riot in 1771. In 1812, the French army ransacked the Donskoy Monastery, the most valuable things having been moved to Vologda prior to that. There had been 48 monks and 2 novices in the monastery by 1917.

After the October Revolution, the Donskoy Monastery was closed. In 1922–1925, Patriarch Tikhon was detained in this cloister after his arrest. He chose to remain in this monastery after his release. Saint Tikhon’s relics were discovered following his canonization in 1989 usa soccer socks. They are exhibited for veneration in the Great Cathedral in summer and in the Old Cathedral in winter.

In 1924, some of the facilities of the Donskoy Monastery were occupied by a penal colony for children.

The Soviets moved the remnants of many demolished monasteries and cathedrals to the Donskoy Monastery, including the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker in Stolpy, Church of the Assumption on Pokrovka Street in Moscow, Sukharev Tower, and others.

When the monastery was established, Boris Godunov personally laid the foundation stone of its cathedral, consecrated in 1593 to the holy image of Our Lady of the Don. This diminutive structure, quite typical for Godunov’s reign, has a single dome crowning three tiers of zakomara. In the 1670s, they added two symmetrical annexes, and a refectory leading to a tented belltower. Its iconostasis, executed in 1662, formerly adorned one of Moscow churches demolished by the Communists. From 1930 to 1946, the cathedral was closed for services and housed a factory.

The New (or the Great) Cathedral, also dedicated to the Virgin of the Don, was started in 1684 as a votive church of Tsarevna Sophia Alekseyevna. After she fell into disgrace, its construction was funded by private donations. The masons and artisans were invited from Ukraine, which explains some of the cathedral’s unusual features. For the first time in Moscow, the five domes were arranged according to the four corners of the Earth (as was the Ukrainian custom). The Old Believers felt offended by this and called the cathedral ”Antichrist’s Altar”. Eight tiers of its ornate baroque iconostasis were carved by Kremlin masters in 1688–1698. The iconostasis’ central piece is a copy of the Virgin of the Don, as painted in the mid-16th century. The cathedral frescoes are the first in Moscow to be painted by a foreigner. They were executed by Antonio Claudio in 1782–1785.

After the monastery lost its defensive importance, its walls were reshaped in the red-and-white Muscovite baroque style, reminiscent of the Novodevichy Convent. Eight square and four circular towers with red-blood crowns were put up in 1686–1711. The Holy Gates of the monastery (1693) are topped with the Tikhvin church (1713–1714), noted for its wrought iron grille. A lofty belfry was erected over the western gates from 1730–1753 after designs sometimes attributed to Pietro Antonio Trezzini.

Several families of high aristocracy chose the Donskoy monastery as location of their burial vaults. The Alexander Svirsky Church, for instance, was constructed in 1796–1798 as a sepulchre of Princes Zubov. Princes Galitzine were buried in the Archangel Church (1714–1809), whereas the Church of St.&nbsp pork chop tenderizer;John Chrysostom (1881–1891) marks the Pervushin family vault.

The old necropolis in the south-eastern part of the monastery is remarkable for its ornate tombs, executed by some of the best Russian sculptors. They mark the graves of the poets Mikhail Kheraskov and Alexander Sumarokov, the philosophers Pyotr Chaadaev and Ivan Ilyin, the historians Mikhail Shcherbatov and Vasily Klyuchevsky, the critic Vladimir Odoyevsky, the architect Osip Bove, the painter Vasily Perov, the courtier Alexander Dmitriev-Mamonov, the notorious murderer Daria Saltykova, and the aviator Nikolay Zhukovsky. Tikhon of Moscow is interred underneath the old katholikon. Some of the tombs were transferred by Soviet authorities to the Shchusev Museum of Architecture, where no one can see them now.

Since no Communists were buried in the old necropolis inside the monastery, the relatives of some notable Russian Whites decided to move their remains from foreign cemeteries to the Donskoy Monastery. Among the notable people reburied in this way are Ivan Shmelyov (2000), Vladimir Kappel (2007), Anton Denikin (2005), and Ivan Ilyin (2005). The dissident writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn also asked to be buried there, rather than at the Novodevichy Cemetery, with its Communist associations.

A large new necropolis was inaugurated in 1910 just outside the monastery walls. It contains a common grave for the cremated ashes of executed political prisoners from Joseph Stalin’s Great Purge. See New Donskoy Cemetery for details.

Bear (comics)

söndag, februari 12th, 2017

Bear is a popular black and white alternative comic book created by British writer/artist Jamie Smart and published in the United States by Slave Labor Graphics. It follows the adventures of a small stuffed bear named Bear and his roommate/antagonist, a psychotic housecat named Looshkin. Looshkin often plays cruel, sadistic, and nonsensical pranks on Bear, and it is not uncommon for faeces and dismemberment to come into play.

Smart’s linework is bold and expressive, and his panels are littered with information and throw-away gags. The stories are marked by a combination of violent shocks, random silliness, and other hallmarks of Dada wholesale water bottles.

10 issues were published between 2003 and 2005.

The foil and victim to Looshkin’s insanity pork chop tenderizer, Bear is a stuffed animal standing twelve inches tall. Apparently, he has served in the British Army in a great number of wars (ex: World War I). When you poke his nose his head expands, much to his dismay and Looshkin’s joy. He hopes that one day Looshkin will die so he will be able to live his life reading books and slowly becoming an alcoholic.

Bear is known to date human women, much to Karl’s surprise, and he spends a good deal of his time fantasizing about being a ladies’ man or a gentleman in a Jane Austen novel.

Looshkin is depicted as a mentally disturbed cat who has a blue pelt. He has large, sharply pointed ears that look like party hats. He is a bipedal creature with opposable thumbs that make him able to pick up objects, much to the displeasure of others. His activities usually consist of senseless babblings and innumerable sadistic acts on people, chiefly his housemate Bear, or whoever is closest when he gets his hands on a likely weapon. He is a humorous character (in the sense of black humor) by some of the things he says or the original comical scenes he’ll inflict, such as pretending to be a ”Gangsta” and speaking fluent slang that he picked up from ”Hood Movies” and going by the name LZ. He is maniacal and merciless, and most readers assume that the reason for that is that he has a mental disorder. Karl, Looshkin’s hapless bachelor owner, thinks Looshkin is just lonely and needs a female cat to play with, but the traumatized Bear vehemently disagrees.

Looshkin appeared in the first Bear comic, in which he had unwittingly forgotten stowing Karl’s previous pet dog Marmalade in a closet to protect him from evil bats in the laundry room. As a result, a few days later, Marmalade suffocated and died head-down. However Bear reminds us that Karl’s home does not have a laundry room. Looshkin has also been known to have a very vivid imagination, but all of the things he says or does come from his suspected dementia. Looshkin has thought of cloning Bear with a kit that will give him an endless supply of Bear clones on which to waste his days torturing and killing. In Looshkin’s words, ”An endless supply of Bear fodder!” In another episode he believed a giant squid that he brought home was a tiger.

One of Looshkin’s absolute favorite activities is playing with animal carcasses, especially if Bear is around to stuff in them. He also enjoys the black arts meat tenderizer spice, and he often attempts to do horrible things to Bear by casting spells on him or making look alike Bears to annoy/kill/maim. Looshkin is known to buy dangerous weapons off the internet (which he also uses to find cat porn) and run up Karl’s credit card bills.

Karl is Looshkin and Bear’s owner. Whenever Looshkin starts causing trouble Karl leaves for ‘work.’ Karl rarely takes action against Looshkin’s attacks on Bear, arguably because he too is afraid of Looshkin to a certain extent.

Flashbacks in later Bear comics show that Karl had a difficult childhood and may have been responsible for the death of his uncle. Karl works in a CD store and has strong opinions about music and cultural stereotypes. He likes to go to clubs and on occasion brings Bear and Looshkin with him. Bear is Karl’s best friend, and they sometimes have serious discussions although both have acknowledged a distaste for doing so. Karl hasn’t had much luck with women, which is partially Looshkin’s fault.


torsdag, januari 12th, 2017

Een reformwinkel is een winkel waar men zogenoemde reformproducten koopt: producten die door aanhangers van de reformbeweging als gezond gezien worden zoals ongeraffineerd voedsel en natuurlijke geneesmiddelen.

De reformwinkel is voortgekomen uit de reformbeweging die aan het einde van de 19de eeuw in Duitsland ontstond water in a glass bottle. Binnen deze beweging streefde men naar meer gezonde natuurlijke voeding en geneesmiddelen, maar de samenleving moest in veel meer opzichten veranderen pork chop tenderizer. De eerste reformwinkel werd geopend in Berlijn in 1887, al werd die naam nog niet gebruikt. De term reformwinkel ontstond ongeveer in 1900. In Nederland werd in 1936 de Vereniging van Nederlandse Reformhuizen (VNR) opgericht. In Nederland bestonden omstreeks 1980 nog ongeveer 100 van deze winkels manual juicer machine. Zonnatura is een bekend merk waaronder veel reformproducten worden aangeboden.

Reformvoedsel bevat zo weinig mogelijk geraffineerde stoffen. Men raadt het gebruik van alcohol en tabak af en als alternatief voor koffie en thee zijn er van graan gemaakte koffievervangers of kruidenmengsels fabric lint remover. Andere reformproducten zijn tarwekiemen/zemelen, lecithine en dieetproducten. Naast voedsel bieden reformwinkels diverse ‘alternatieve’ geneesmiddelen aan, zoals geneeskrachtige kruiden en homeopathische middelen.

Value Stock Guide

måndag, oktober 17th, 2016

Value Stock Guide is a financial website that provides information about investing and financial markets, specifically on long term value and smaller undervalued companies. It is curated by founder Shailesh Kumar who maintains a private portfolio that reflects the ideas written about on the site, primarily related to value investing. It also has distribution partners or syndicates with websites that include Seeking Alpha adolf meat tenderizer, Trefis,, and

Value Stock Guide was launched in 2011 by Shailesh Kumar. Prior to that time football socks for sale, Kumar worked as a business executive with A.T sports water bottles cheap. Kearney and also owned his own business in the steel industry. Kumar holds an M.B.A from the University of Michigan and began the website as a mirror to his private portfolio. The picks in Value Stock Guide’s portfolio have returned 221% through 2014.

Value Stock Guide publishes articles with advice on investing. Its content is syndicated with Seeking Alpha, Trefis,, and, with articles also appearing in WealthFront and Forbes pork chop tenderizer. The site also offers a paid service for members, allowing them to see Kumar’s portfolio and performance of his stock picks.

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